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Mad Freebording Fan Videos

14 November 2013

Check this out here are some nice Mad Freebording fan videos showing some great runs with best skills. Mad Freebording is available for Android, iOS and browser!
Great vid by Shaunostar, who used the replay feature to creat the best cinematic style video

Nice vid by El WaKa, showing Mad Freebording's best levels

Mad Freebording goes to Unity 4

4 November 2013

Great news! Mad Freebording our best game on mobile devices and PCs will now be upgraded to the award winning Unity 4 engine! For you this basically means:
1. Windows phone owners will be soon pleased by this awesome game ;)
2. Soon there will be standalone versions available for download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
3. Facebook cooperates with Unity and has created a native plugin, which will allow us to create the best possible Facebook experience in our game. Stay tuned for challenges between friends, sharing replays, seeing the highscores of all your friends, daily rewards and much more!
4. Furthermore, the graphic improvements will be awesome, there will be realtime shadows! How cool is this!
Play our great and free game Mad Freebording on Android, iOS, Browser and soon Windows Mobile

Freebord's annual Best Submitted Video contest 2013

14 October 2013

Freebord's annual Best Submitted Video contest 2013
Freebord's annual Best Submitted Video contest has now selected the top ten. All those videos are nice to watch even if you are not a freeborder yourself! Check the top 10 here:
BSV 13 top ten

p.s.: if you want to ride yourself take a look here and find out what freebording is!


28 October 2013

We started to work on the freebord game three years ago. We made it possible to do really good tricks among others also flips and everybody said: "No one does flips! Why have you added them to your game!". So all of you who said that, take this:
Sick flip made on the FRAs 2013 (Freebord Rider Award's) in San Francisco.

p.s.: you can do it too in our best game Mad Freebording xD

Mad Freebording available as free .apk download

8 October 2013

Mad Freebording available as free .apk download
Mad Freebording is available as free .apk download for all those people who boycott Google Play, Amazon App Store and Android Pit! You can download the game's .apk file for free from the following servers:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
Mirror 4
Mirror 5
Mirror 6 Mirror 7 Mirror 8 Mirror 9 Mirror 10 Mirror 11 Mirror 12 Mirror 13