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Mad Freebording is a skating game featuring the new sport Freebording. It feels like snowboarding the streets. This game offers over 30 missions on 18 levels, large variety of clothes and items, realistic levels and pure fun. Ride, level up, improve your skills, customize your clothes and get involved with the world of freebording! This game is the successor of Freebord The Game.       

Detailed description

Get started
Once you start Mad Freebording you can decide to play offline or online (login with user name and password or Facebook). In the next step you have to select your character (male or female) and customize it (face, eyes, hair). If you are on a mobile platform you will have to select your control mode now. There is a touch button control mode that mimics a keyboard with arrows. Also a typical touch joystick control mode is available. Both of these can be placed on the left or on the right also the size of the elements can be changed. The third control mode is based on the accelerometer data and allows you to control the game by tilting your mobile device. Additionally, Windows Tablets have the option to play with a hardware keyboard.
The first levels of Mad Freebording are very easy to master. You will see short videos explaining how you can control the game. In the first two levels you will learn that you can accelerate and brake your rider while riding over curvy roads. You will also learn that you have to stay on the pavement otherwise your rider will fall dawn if he stays for too long on grass or mud. The third level will teach you to jump over obstacles, make tricks and earn points. Later on you will learn how to make slides and earn points without jumping. The last tutorial will teach you to grab while you are in air this will increase the score of the tricks you do. Don't forget to release the grab before you land or your ride will fall.
Game modes
In the tutorial you will discover that there are three game modes: trick, race and mini games. In the trick mode you have to reach the end of a level within a certain time limit and do as many tricks as possible. The crazier the tricks the more points you will get. Once you have reached the end of the level you will get a bonus multiplier calculated from the time that is left. In the race mode you have to be as fast as you can and reach the end of a level in the shortest possible time. Search for shortcuts, but do not expect them to be as easy as those in games like Mario Kart! Sometime you have to jump over the walls, ride down stairs or simply take a shortcut over the grassland. Mad Freebording also has four mini games. You have to play bowling and darts with you rider or try to jump a huge ramp and get as high or far as possible.
Highscores, replays and ghosts
If you play offline you can see a ghost rider repeating you best run. If you play online you can additionally watch the ghost runs and replays of other players. You know that games where you see the highscores and ask yourself "HOW THE HELL DID HE DO IT?!", not in Mad Freebording. Simply click on replay in the highscore list and you will see the secret shortcut that can be used or that incredible trick combo that brought that player into the highscores. That's still not all! Mad Freebording saves highscores achieved within 24 hours, 30 days and surely all time highscores. Additionally, if you login with Facebook or login with user name and password and add friends you will see the highscores of your friends.
Skills and items
While you play the game you will earn experience points (XP) and money. Once you have enough XP you will level up and get some more skill points. The skill points can be distributed between four skills: jump power, air spin, ground spin&grip and speed. Jump power will allow you to jump higher. Air spin will make you rotate faster in the air. Ground spin&grip will allow you to make slide tricks faster, brake stronger and make narrow curves at high speed. Speed will increase your acceleration, but also your maximal speed. To improve you skills you can buy items. To buy items you have to earn enough money by playing the game there are no in app purchases! Items give you additional skill points for one or two skills.
33 missions on 18 levels
In Mad Freebording you will find four tabs with missions. The first tab consists of 9 missions on easy levels including the tutorial. The second tab contains 9 more challenging missions on new levels. The third tab contains 9 missions on new levels that require good skills in the game. Finally, the last tab contains six "hardcore" missions that are on simply crazy levels! Even good players have to retry these levels multiple times only to reach the finish once. After the tutorial you have three unlocked mission in the first tab. Once you finish one mission the next mission is unlocked. If you have only two missions left in the tab then the next tab is unlocked. With other words you can leave out two missions in each tab and still make it through to the last mission.