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Steam Workshop - Easy Steamworks Integration

16 April 2017

Sorry for it being such a long time without any blog posts. The real-life caught me a little with things like becoming a father, buying a house, getting a serious job and all the boring stuff like this...
However, I'm now back to the game business! I have just released my newest product called Steam Workshop - Easy Steamworks Integration. This is the first plugin of the Easy Steamworks Integration series. The difference to everything Steamworks related that exists for Unity is that the Easy Steamworks Integration plugin can be incorporated into an existing game by writing a single line of code or drag & dropping a prefab. After that it is also super easy to customize the UI if required. Check it out on the Unity Asset Store:
Steam Workshop Browser - Easy Steamworks Integration

Mad Snowboarding available on BundleStars

14 February 2016

Mad Snowboarding is available on BundleStars for only 2.50$! ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT!!! + you get 7 other sport games in this bundle!
Mad Snowboarding on Bundle Stars

New character is coming to Mad Snowboarding

7 August 2015

Mad Snowboarding made it to the top 50 on Steam Greenlight and it is still climbing up the ladder! To say "thank you" to all the lovely people who have voted for my game, I will add a new character to the upcoming Steam version of Mad Snowboarding!
Mad Snowboarding new character Banana Lover
p.s.: Mad Snowboarding still needs your votes on Steam Greenlight!

Mad Snowboarding released on Steam

9 September 2015

Mad Snowboarding is now available on Steam! Check it out and see the new banana riding character.
Also keep in mind that the Linux and the Mac OS versions of Mad Snowboarding are coming soon!

p.s.: thanks to all the people who have helped to get the greenlight for Mad Snowboarding!

Mad Snowboarding on Groupees

6 August 2015

Get the Steam version of Mad Snowboarding for only 1$ on Groupees!
Mad Snowboarding on Groupees
p.s.: this is my first game in a bundle, so: YaY
p.p.s.: Mad Snowboarding still needs your votes on Steam Greenlight!