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Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor First Patch

25 February 2015

Finally, the first patch for my Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor is released on the Unity Asset Store! Among some small fixes there are some awesome new features, such as object snapping and level streaming! Here is the change log:
FIX: works in Unity 5
FIX: UnregisterAll. Now also all event handlers of OnObjectPlaced and OnObjectDragged are unregistered.
FIX: crash when deleting all characters of a number input field (e.g. the terrain size)
FIX: smoothing with high amount, but small brush (amount was not applied)
FEAT: level streaming (instantiate/destroy depending on camera distance, transformations are cached between destroy and reinstantiate)
FEAT: terrain snapping (objects stay on terrain when terrain is raised/lowered, objects stay on terrain when moved)
FEAT: object snapping (objects snap to other objects)
FEAT: grid snapping (objects snap to a virtual grid)
FEAT: limit XYZ movement/scale e.g. only XY (for movement, rotation and scale handles)
FEAT: custom inspector for LE_Object
FEAT: improved UI assets
FEAT: terrain brush projection fits to cell size of terrain data
FEAT: read terrain paint height button in paint terrain height tab of the terrain editor.
FEAT: added OnTerrainCreated to LE_EventInterface.
FEAT: duplicate level objects are removed on save (fix for players hitting clone too often). Feature can be disabled through LE_Config
FEAT: E/Q keys (move up and down (just like in the Unity editor))
FEAT: flag for moveable objects: is active on start editable by end user
FEAT: adapt focus distance to object's renderer bounds
FEAT: camera perspective gizmo
FEAT: camera rotate around pivot (with mouse)
FEAT: start with a predefined custom Unity terrain
FEAT: configuration flag to hide terrain or object editor

Get Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor here!
Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor screenshot

Mad Snowboarding 3rd UI iteration

23 December 2014

In time for Christmas the newest patch for Mad Snowboarding on Windows Store and Windows Phone is finished. Beside improved animations and bug fixes this version contains the 3rd revision of the UI. I have fully reworked it. I'm sure it is the best UI I have ever created for a game. I want to say thank you to all the people in the Indie Game Developers Facebook Group for all the feedback during the 3rd rework. If any one is interested in the source assets of the UI, I have bought this package from the Unity Asset Store. Get Mad Snowboarding here!
Mad Snowboarding UI iterations

Mad Snowboarding Windows (Phone) released

1 September 2014

Mad Snowboarding ‪my newest #‎snowboard‬ game is now released on Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. The big difference to the 1k exisiting snowboard games is a built-in LEVEL EDITOR (I use it myself to create levels). More features: open world, various tricks, multi-platform, 4 control modes, ragdoll. More features are coming soon such as highscores, more levels, more characters, more platforms!
Mad Snowboarding Main Logo

Mad Snowboarding Official Trailer

19 November 2014

Today I have released the official trailer for my newest game Mad Snowboarding. This is the first time that I have bought music for a game trailer in my life. Thanks to Jesse Valentine she has composed this track. This video was very important to me and took me over 30 hours of work time. To day I have applied for the ID@Xbox program I hope I have a chance at all. This video is also part if the game pitch that I have submitted to Microsoft. I hope for the best ;)

Mad Snowboarding Android demo released

7 August 2014

Mad Snowboarding Android demo is out now! Get it here Mad Snowboarding homepage. I need feedback so if you want to leave a comment please do not hesitate! The game is by far not done! There will be more cool features for example you will be able to do spins on rails and boxes soon. Another nice feature will be the possibility to do shifty like tricks in air. For now I wish you much fun trying out the brand new level editor! Mad Snowboarding Main Logo