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Freebord The Game now available in Windows Store

5 June 2014

Freebord The Game now available in Windows Store!
Freebord The Game now available in Windows Store

Finally Freebord The Game made it to the Windows Store and can now be played offline on Windows desktop PCs and also on Windows Tablets! Half of the game is available for free completely without ads. The other 8 levels can be played in the full version of the game that can be purchased for a few dollars.

Freebord The Game patch on Android

5 June 2014

Freebord The Game patch on Android!
- customizable controls
- improved performance
- faster level loading
- now using the newest unity version

Mad Freebording now on Windows Phone

6 May 2014

It took a long while, but now Mad Freebording is finaly available on Windows Phone! Here I want to thank Microsoft for their Windows Phone & Windows offer for Unity! I did not only receive a Nokia Lumia 925 device for testing purposes FOR FREE, but they tested my stuff and gave me feedback. I advise every Unity game developer to submit an entry to them (just Google it)!
Mad Freebording on Windows Phone

Mad Freebording now on Windows Store

7 May 2014

Yesterday Mad Freebording came out on Windows Phone and today the Windows tablet users can find Mad Freebording in the Windows Store! Additionally, having Mad Freebording on the Windows Store means that we have the first offline playable version of Mad Freebording for Windows PC! I never thought that my Freebord Game would make it to so many different platforms! How awesome is this Mad Freebording is now available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Browser and Windows Store! In near future it will be even available on Black Berry and Ouya! xD
Mad Freebording on Windows Store

Mad Freebording Sign Up Bug Fixed

30 April 2014

In the last few weeks it was impossible to create a new Mad Freebording account... The bug is now fixed for all platforms! We apologize for any inconvenience!
Mad Freebording Homepage
If you encounter any other bugs PLEASE REPORT THEM TO US! We cannot test our games every day, sometimes things go wrong and we need your help...