Mad Snowboarding On Steam Greenlight

24 July 2015

Today is the day! This is my first attempt to switch from mobile game development to desktop PC games. I want to bring my game Mad Snowboarding to Steam. To do so I need to get it greenlit on Steam Greenlight. Please take a look and help me out with a thumbs up or a comment!
The Steam version of Mad Snowboarding has a lot to offer!
The Windows 8 Store version supports only Xbox controllers, this is a limitation induced by Microsoft and Windows Store Apps. The Steam version will support all controllers! You can even play using a flight joystick if it feels like fun for you! ;)
Additionally, to fully support Oculus Rift I need to update to the newest Unity version, which is not possible if the build has also to run on mobile devices. Therefore, on Steam I will be able to take advantage of the powerful PC hardware by using the latest Unity version. I will be able to improve the graphics and include Oculus Rift support into the build.
Mad Snowboarding on Steam Greenlight

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