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LapinerTools.Steam.Data.WorkshopItemEventArgs Class Reference

This event arguments are used for all WorkshopItem related events. More...

Inherits LapinerTools.Steam.Data.EventArgsBase.

Public Member Functions

 WorkshopItemEventArgs ()
 WorkshopItemEventArgs (WorkshopItem p_item)
 WorkshopItemEventArgs (EventArgsBase p_errorEventArgs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LapinerTools.Steam.Data.EventArgsBase
 EventArgsBase ()
 EventArgsBase (EventArgsBase p_copyFromArgs)


WorkshopItem Item [get, set]
 WorkshopItem affected by this event. More...
- Properties inherited from LapinerTools.Steam.Data.EventArgsBase
bool IsError [get, set]
 true, if an error has occured, false otherwise. More...
string ErrorMessage [get, set]
 Contains the error message if the EventArgsBase.IsError property is true. More...

Detailed Description

This event arguments are used for all WorkshopItem related events.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WorkshopItemEventArgs() [1/3]

LapinerTools.Steam.Data.WorkshopItemEventArgs.WorkshopItemEventArgs ( )

◆ WorkshopItemEventArgs() [2/3]

LapinerTools.Steam.Data.WorkshopItemEventArgs.WorkshopItemEventArgs ( WorkshopItem  p_item)

◆ WorkshopItemEventArgs() [3/3]

LapinerTools.Steam.Data.WorkshopItemEventArgs.WorkshopItemEventArgs ( EventArgsBase  p_errorEventArgs)

Property Documentation

◆ Item

WorkshopItem LapinerTools.Steam.Data.WorkshopItemEventArgs.Item

WorkshopItem affected by this event.

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